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    Dr. Bruce Hackworth provides mental health counseling services for individuals, couples and families throughout southwestern Michigan using a combination of methods designed to meet the needs of each client. He firmly believes that every person is capable of creating positive change in their lives. With 40 years of experience in the treatment of mental health conditions, family and couple relationship issues, substance abuse dependency, and other behavior concerns, Bruce has the skills necessary to empower clients to face their fears and move forward with their lives!

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    Dedicated to the art and science of mental health counseling

    Experience matters

    Bruce has a combined 40 years of counseling experience working in both private practice and at mental health service agencies through out Michigan, including 23 years at Riverwood Center in Benton Harbor.


    He received his undergraduate degree in Psychology, along with a Master of Arts in Family Studies and Master of Social Work, all from Michigan State University. He also has his PhD in Counseling Psychology from Andrews University and is a member of the American Psychological Association with a license in both Psychology and Social Work.


    Aside from academic achievements, his personal experiences have had a significant influence on his skills as a therapist. Having experienced the death of his father at an early age and abandonment by his mother at the age of 10, Bruce keenly understands the experiences of grief and loss. Through these challenges he discovered helpful techniques and methods to increase self-esteem and self-worth, which enabled him to achieve far more than he had ever could have dreamed. In his life he has experienced both healthy and productive relationships, as well as the challenges that come with divorce and blended families. His depth of understanding and unconditional commitment to quality care are evident in every aspect of his work with his patients as he strives to meet their treatment needs.

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    Counseling for Children

    With young children, Bruce believes it's important to create a safe and therapeutic climate where they feel safe to express themselves. Some children are more verbal than others and may need an approach which involves engaging them in activities which lessen the emotional intensity as they begin to share their feelings. Older children may be more open to sharing verbally, but need to develop a relationship of trust with their therapist before divulging significant information about their feelings and personal experience.


    With both younger and older children, parental involvement is necessary. The degree to which parent is involved depends on the nature of the child’s problems and the dynamics of the family. Bruce believes healthy family interactions are a vital component to healthy child behavior, which impacts all areas of their life including school, community and home. The primary objective in treatment with children is to help them achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle that allows them to interact and function in a way that allows them feel positive about themselves and their relationships with others.

    Counseling for Individuals, Couples & Families

    When working with adults Bruce helps individuals and couples achieve healthy living by overcoming the obstacles that keep them from feeling good about themselves and their life situation. Adults frequently face many challenges in their relationships with their spouse and family members, which require expert assistance and guidance. They also frequently struggle with internal issues such as depression, anxiety, mood problems and other disorders which restrict their ability to enjoy life. Often there are understandable reasons for an individual’s unwanted feelings. While medications may be helpful in many cases, most people need psychotherapy in order to process their negative beliefs about themselves, others and the world around them. Psychotherapy can help individuals make decisions that are healthier and more beneficial for themselves and their families.


    Bruce also works with couples by examining the relationship fundamentals necessary for couples to experience a fulfilling relationship with each other. He helps couples develop the skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to experience a truly loving relationship with each other. He believes everyone is capable of making positive changes in their life, no matter their age or developmental history.

    Specialized Counseling

    Bruce offers substance abuse counseling to help individuals overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol. He is also able to treat a number of other behavioral health issues in both children and adults.

    Types of Therapy

    Bruce uses a variety of therapies, often in combination, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This problem-focused, action-oriented method is used to treat a wide variety of mental health issues. He will work with you to determine which method or combination of methods best meets your needs.

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    Lighthouse Behavioral Health is located on the second floor of the Horizon Bank building at 811 Ship Street, Suite 4B, in beautiful downtown St. Joseph, Michigan. Please see the Contact section for a map and additional information.

    Privacy and comfort

    Office details

    With separate spaces to accommodate both individual and group counseling sessions, as well as a comfortable waiting room, Lighthouse Behavioral Health has the space necessary to meet the needs of both you and your family.

  • Insurance

    Coverage details

    Types of Insurance

    Lighthouse Behavioral Health accepts a variety of insurance types, including several Medicaid HMOs. Bruce is also a qualified Blue Cross Blue Shield provider. If your insurance plan is not accepted, please let him know prior to setting up an appointment and he will determine if he can apply to become an approved provider.

    A Sampling of Accepted Insurance Plans

    • Blue Care Network, including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare Plus Blue PPO
    • United Health Care
    • Aetna PPO
    • Humana
    • ASR Health Benefits
    • HealthSCOPE Benefits
    • Magellan
    • Priority Health
    • McLaren Health Plan, including Medicaid PPO
    • Meridian Health Plan, including Medicaid PPO
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    811 Ship Street, St. Joseph,MI
    (269) 985-3618
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    We're still on the second floor of the Horizon Bank building, but in a newly remodeled suite down the hall in 4B. We look forward to sharing this beautiful new space with our clients!

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    In conjunction with our new office space, we also have a brand new website! We hope you find it to be a helpful resource for information about the counseling services offered by Lighthouse Behavioral Health.